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We empower automotive leaders with seamless software development and sourcing process transformation through our state-of-the-art integrated frameworks

Software Wellness starts here, No Bitter Pills Required

We are driven by the belief that there has to be a better way to connect processes for superior software and product quality. Our differentiator is our expertise and it leads us to superior services and improvements for our customers and their customer benefits.
Our journey wasn't without its challenges. We faced tough times, evolving requirements, and rapidly changing technology landscapes. However, our commitment to our customers is unwavering. We are there to support them at every step, providing solutions that matter, not only in the automotive sector but also in the aerospace and medical industries
Ramkumar Krishnakumar
Ramkumar Krishnakumar
Tech Trailblazer
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Increase in Software Quality
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Find Your High Tech, Smart And Simple Solution With Best Overall Economy Charge!

Enjoy the charging at home without relying on the availability of the public chargers. Our charging stations are safe and easy-to-use and let you hit the road fully charged, every time with smart charging functionalities.
Provide your customers with a charging experience in their language, currency, and tax regulations.
We continue providing the infrastructure & expertise needed to adopt electric mobility along with all support to keep customers happy.
2 or 3 year warranty, extendable to 5 years
Hundreds of thousands of places to charge

We’re a Passionate Team of Process Transformation Enthusiasts

We are a team triggered by our passion for addressing the critical challenges of software product quality improvement, and supplier software quality management. We aim to connect the dots between systems, software, development processes through product-aided consultancy and an agile working framework.
We aim to add our unique perspective to the process transformation landscape, making automobiles safer and more secure through Integrated Process Transformation services coupled with an agile way of working.
Our mission is to create an integrated framework that connects systems and software processes, prioritizing safety, security, and compliance. We will embed ASPICE and ISO 26262 standards in OEMs and Tier 1s ECU development for streamlined assessment, tracking, and process improvement.
Convenience of charging at home relying on the availability of public chargers. Charging stations are safe easy-to-use.

Our Success Stories!!

Complete charging solutions encompass energy supply, hardware, and software as well as installation, and other customer specific services. Partnership with charg simplifies our customers' transition to an increasingly electrified fleet and towards more sustainable transport.
Sam Wade
We Move Inc
We have clients who have recognized the opportunity of the transition to E-Vehicles and want to be able to offer the electric charging to their customers. Teaming up with enables us to be able to provide help and empower our clients to attract and serve EV motorists.
John Peter
Charge Inn

Why Knot

EV Charging
Solutions Made Very Simple!

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As we continued to grow and make a mark in the software development world, we realized that we needed to enlarge our global presence to better serve our customers. That’s why we have chosen to expand to Germany directly and established KNOT Consulting GmbH, with a head office in Karlsruhe. This strategic move allows us to be closer to our European clients and enhance our global service portfolio on-site to ensure continued excellence in providing customer services.

Knot has now Evolved into Knot GmbH

Satisfied Clients Served Globally
Satisfied Clients Served Globally

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We maintain charging stations around the World. To use our stations you need to install Charg charging app which will help you monitor data about energy consumption and charging.
Find different charger types
View real-time charger availability
Monitor your charging session
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