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Elevate Safety, Prevent Rework and Secure Your Competitive Edge

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, safety isn’t just a requirement—it’s a cornerstone for success. Knot Consulting is proud to introduce an industry-leading training service meticulously crafted around the ISO 26262 standards. Our comprehensive training empowers your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to integrate functional safety seamlessly throughout your product development and product lifecycle.

Why Functional Safety?

Recent statistics have highlighted an alarming 27.8 million automobile recalls last year alone, leading to significant financial implications for manufacturers. At Knot Consulting, we understand that robust functional safety practices are not merely an operational choice but a strategic imperative that safeguards against costly rework and enhances market competitiveness.

Learning Outcomes

Acquire a thorough understanding and practical knowledge of ISO 26262 standards and safety-related systems.
Gain hands-on experience with operational and control strategies to minimize errors and enhance system reliability.

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    Our Training Program

    Functional Safety Management

    Dive deep into the essentials of functional safety management, both pre and post Start of Production (SOP).

    Safety in Hardware Development

    Learn to conduct thorough hazard analysis and risk assessments, ensuring appropriate Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs) are achieved.

    Transparent Project

    Grasp the fundamentals of hardware reliability, learn to perform safety-oriented hardware analysis, and understand fault metrics and reliability characteristics critical for compliance.

    Software Development Standards

    Explore the requirements for robust software development under ISO 26262, including method selection, planning, and execution tailored to different ASIL standards.

    Comprehensive Safety Analysis

    Uncover the roles and methodologies for performing detailed safety analyses, emphasizing reliability considerations and the interconnection between various safety assessments

    Why Choose Knot Consulting?

    Expert Guidance

    Our trainers are seasoned experts in FuSa, equipped with real-world experience and specialized knowledge.

    Practical Insights

     Our training modules are designed with a situation-based approach, offering practical, real-life applications to reinforce learning.

    Career Advancement

    Participants will not only gain knowledge but also enhance their career prospects in the automotive safety domain
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    The Knot Consulting Advantage

    Keep your team updated with the latest safety standards to minimize risks effectively.
    With our training, anticipate and mitigate potential failures, safeguarding your brand's reputation.
    Equip your team to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest safety standards, setting you apart in the competitive automotive landscape.
    Join us at Knot Consulting for an empowering journey unravelling the complexities of ISO 26262. Together, we can pave the way toward safer automotive systems and a more secure automotive future.
    Enroll your team today and transform the way safety drives your success.

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