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Customer challenges:

Our customers face a myriad of challenges including ensuring seamless compatibility across diverse platforms, maintaining rigorous version control, and managing configurations effectively. They must navigate evolving compliance standards, address software safety and security concerns, continually innovate while managing product lifecycles, and meet growing demands for enhanced performance and on time features.

Our solutions:

At our core, we understand the challenges you face in maintaining consistent code quality and ensuring the integrity of your software. Our integrated process framework is tailored to prioritize security and safety, enabling early detection of defects and efficient change management. We are committed to compliance with the MISRA standard, aligning with your timelines, and accelerating your speed to market.
Elevate Your Software Supplier Quality Management with K-Smart an Integrated Software Supplier Quality Framework
Welcome to K-Smart – Your Ultimate Solution in standardizing Software Supplier Quality Management! As an automotive OEM or Tier 1 supplier, you understand the critical importance of impeccable supplier quality management for software. That's where we step in.

An Integrated Process Framework Driven Approach for
Software-Defined Mobility Success

Our Integrated Process Framework (IPF) expertly merges ASPICE, Functional Safety (ISO 26262), and Cybersecurity (ISO/SAE 21434) requirements into a customizable, plug-and-play solution. It ensures top-tier safety, reliability, and security in software development. By harmonizing these critical standards, we streamline development and elevate product quality. Trust our IPF to enhance your automotive projects, ensuring compliance and excellence across the lifecycle.
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ASPICE – Automotive Software Process Improvement Capability dEtermination

Automotive SPICE_(Solution 1)

ASPICE Consulting:

At Knot Consulting, we specialize in ASPICE consulting services, offering expert guidance to decision-makers in automotive electronics throughout the delivery of programs. Our deep-rooted experience in project execution and technical consulting ensures we grasp the core of every challenge, enhancing your project's success with structured, methodical approaches. With dedicated teams in Germany, and in India, we're equipped to support your global E/E development needs with unparalleled professionalism and competence. Trust us to elevate your automotive projects, wherever you are.

aspice coaching

ASPICE Coaching:

We at knot have developed a role-based coaching program that will help you understand the expectations of Automotive SPICE with use cases from OEMs. Not just another provisional assessor training, but this program is a perfect blend of extensive coaching and a workshop that allows you to understand ASPICE processes. Our unique mind map-based approach helps you implement processes better with ASPICE compliance and customer requirements.

Functional Safety ISO 26262 Consulting:

Knot Consulting ensures your automotive projects meet ISO 26262 standards, crucial for mitigating liability risks and enhancing safety. As the industry evolves with trends like electrification and autonomous driving, the demand for reliable engineering has never been greater. Our expertise in Functional Safety helps you navigate the complexities of advanced electronic systems, preventing costly rework and keeping you competitive. Trust us to safeguard your innovations and keep you ahead in the fast-paced automotive market. Knot Consulting is your partner in driving safety forward.

Key Features of Our Functional Safety Services:

  • Basic IEC 61508 and derived standard ISO 26262 based system development.
  • Requirement engineering and end-to-end traceability.
  • Consulting support to create HARA (Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment)
  • FMEA & FTA analysis in Medini Analyse.
  • Architecture and design experience on functional safety software.
  • Functional Safety in AUTOSAR.
    • E2E communication protection mechanisms 
    • Safe RTE
    • Memory partitioning concepts to achieve software safety mechanism.
    • Freedom from interference.

Cybersecurity ISO 21434:

At Knot Consulting, we understand the critical importance of robust automotive cybersecurity in meeting ISO/SAE 21434 standards and achieving compliance. Our comprehensive services ensure that your organization not only meets but exceeds the stringent requirements needed to maintain market access and customer trust.

At Knot Consulting, we understand the critical importance of robust automotive cybersecurity in meeting ISO/SAE 21434 standards and achieving compliance.

Why Choose Knot Consulting for ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance?


Expert Gap Analysis:

Our specialized ISO/SAE 21434 Gap Analysis rigorously tests your systems, processes, and practices against industry standards, identifying any deficiencies and providing actionable recommendations.

Custom Roadmap Development:

Gain insights into your organization's specific needs with a custom compliance roadmap that guides your cybersecurity efforts at every stage, from design to production.

Training and Certification:

Equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge through our Certified automotive cybersecurity training programs.

Pre-Audit Preparation:

We prepare your organization for pre-audits, ensuring that you meet all the requirements of ISO PAS 5112 and UN R155, mitigating risks of non-compliance and potential market exclusion.

Lifecycle Approach:

From the initial design to decommissioning, our services cover every phase of the vehicle lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity integration.

Resource Optimization:

Ensure that your cybersecurity investments are made wisely, with strategic timing and direction that align with your organizational goals.
Partner with Knot Consulting to navigate the complexities of ISO/SAE 21434 and secure your position in the automotive market. Let us help you turn cybersecurity challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.​ Read More

Why Integrated Process Framework?

Streamlined Collaboration

Plug and play integration fosters effective communication across software, safety, and cybersecurity teams, enhancing teamwork without compromising your internal goals.

Enhanced Risk Management

A unified approach of ASPICE, Functional Safety, and Cybersecurity frameworks deepens risk analysis and fortifies system integrity.

Proactive Problem Solving

Early detection through integrated frameworks allows for swift resolution, slashing costs and efforts in later stages.

Resource Efficiency

Integration minimizes redundancy and optimizes resource use, streamlining assessments, reducing and avoiding documentation overload.

Continuous Enhancement

The plug and play model support ongoing improvement, ensuring lessons learned are quickly applied to future projects.

Regulatory Adherence

Combining frameworks demonstrates robust compliance with industry standards, essential for market access and consumer trust.

Reputation and Reliability

Integrating ASPICE, Functional Safety, and Cybersecurity elevates brand reputation and boosts consumer confidence through superior vehicle safety and data protection.

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