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Program Managers | Architect | Software Engineer | Validation Engineer

80% of OEMs believe that the product development process, coupled with ASPICE and functional safety adherence, is crucial to delivering quality products. As an expert, you will be key to delivering quality products with compliance.

How do you deliver the product to meet the Automotive SPICE expectations if there is no clear know-how roadmap?

We at knot have developed a role-based coaching program that will help you understand the expectations of Automotive SPICE with use cases from OEMs.

Not just another provisional assessor training, but this program is a perfect blend of extensive coaching and a workshop that allows you to understand ASPICE processes. Our unique mind map-based approach helps you implement processes better with ASPICE compliance and customer requirements.

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Key Takeaways from Knot


Mind map

for all processes with Know how on implementation.

Real-time Use Case

From OEM projects for better understanding

Work Product Kit

A Glance and Sample Walk through


for all processes with Know how on implementation.

Pocket Book

On Automotive SPICE V3.1 Model


An Overview on Model and Expectations

What Is Included in Our Coaching Program?

Get a 30-days Post Project Support from Our Expert ASPICE Coach on Your Current Project

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Trainer Details:

Ramkumar Krishnakumar, our distinguished Tech Trailblazer & Partner, brings a wealth of experience, spanning over 16 years, to the automotive industry. His invaluable contributions include collaborating closely with major OEMs to shape and implement processes, conducting meticulous assessments using ASPICE v3.1, and exhibiting expertise in Functional Safety (ISO 26262), Cybersecurity (ISO 21434), and process transformation solutions. Ramkumar’s unwavering commitment to overcoming engineering challenges has left an indelible mark on the automotive software development landscape. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion for refining processes make him a truly inspiring leader in the field.


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